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Campaigns by YOUTH for YOUTH 13-19

Stand Up and Stand Up Campaigns by YOUTH is a living legacy to honour people past and people present, those often tired BUT fought long and hard and many STILL fighting as hard for our rights and our freedom to matter, fighting for equality, equity and justice, fighting to end poverty and marginalisation of people with different cultures, and we will continue the fight for our rights and welfare AND just as important we must fight for progress for those yet to come, the next generation who will be our own children.

We want more for our children, we want to safeguard and protect our children from societies harm and we want more in morality and humanity that we don’t see now.

For this to happen we need to campaign right here and right now!

To Parents and Carers

Please support our campaigns and to adults, please support and sponsor your children to join campaigns that will create the legacy and change they need now, and by doing so you will help them to pave the way for the next generation.

Young people need YOU.

Protest for Progress

So what comes next...

Our campaigns are purposely designed to empower youth, we will endeavour not to fall into the hands of those who wish to disempower us and to jump on any step out of line, for sure they will use our errs as a tool to demonise and criminalise young people. The state in power is supposed to care for the nation’s children, sadly for far too long the government and authorities are simply not catering to children and young people’s needs either in education, care of our mental health and wellbeing that fast declining.

We need to stand up for ourselves and to do this we need to Stand Up and Stand Out, we will be united and stand up to those against cultural unity and try to divide us.


Adults need to stop the demonisation of Black and Brown youth in the media while caring more for White youth and treating us different based on the colour of our skin – Skin colour does not harm. Dividing children value and worth is harmful, treating children and young people badly and over a prolonged period will not reduce crime or make communities any safer, in fact it will only serve to make things worse and young people neglected become traumatised, scared and will do what they need to survive. Often adults that we are supposed to look up to let us down and some are now powerless to intervene and worse is where our government in power consistently fails to act in our best interest, they fail to safeguard and protect the most vulnerable and is steeped in it’s only short-sighted self-serving privilege.


Now we NEED to campaign for ourselves! We want change and we want it now!

Stand Up Stand Out Campaigns by YOUTH  for YOUTH 



Step 1

All our campaigns our peaceful and will often be held standing strong in silence, the is purposely designed to mobolise giving young people power to highlight what matter and empowerment over those who wish to have and use power over and will want to jump on any miss step we make to demonise and criminalise young people. We will campaign when those in power do not caterer for young people needs to grow healthily physically, mentally or as peer to peer equals.

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health and is fast declining like never before, our educational needs is not catered for as it should be with deliberate structural absent of history...Black history.

Overall our wellbeing is being neglected and will have long time and dire ramifications that will costs many lives and make society all the poorer and worse for it.

We need to stand up for ourselves and to do this we need to STAND UP AND STAND OUT. United in small local groups and in sync with big groups nationally. 

Step 2


Young people 13-19 can create reliable, consistent, persistent and unfailing campaigns.


In a world of uncertainty we need to work and put in now for what we need later not just for us but for the next generation that will be our own children, and we know from our own experiences we really don't want our children to ever have to endure what we have to endure. Government and institutions really don't care enough for young people, particularly if poor, if you’re Black or Brown.


Why are will still debating if racism exists, racism exists right alongside poverty all the way are to the token top who get through on quota.


We don't debate if poverty exists; we shouldn't need to debate if racism exists. Black and Brown people know it, Black and Brown people live it every day and their parents and grandparents have lived...The disease of racism STILL exist.

Step 3

Support the campaign

Garner and gather support and approval form family, friends, youth clubs and the local community to support what we are standing up and standing out for, we need support to help us create the change we want, change we want to see and change we need.

We want to live and leave a lasting Legacy for the next generation.


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