Many BIG BRANDS have been making Black Lives Matter statements, but a rare few are actually contributing to real impactful change.

As the brutality of police violence continue to be exposed and disproportionality against Black people we subsequently saw people take to the streets to protest, we also witnessed brutality against peaceful protestors and these acts of police violence against citizens continued to escalate when citizen used their right to protest was being stifled by the state.

After the George Floyd murder we noticed more and more brands surfacing realising that silence is unacceptable, that anti-racist statements must be made BUT now the dust is settling are they really acting on change written in their statement and active within their own company to end racism and to support Black and Brown people with opportunities previously denied and work at levelling up?

We have to wonder...

The vast majority of these statements have been vague, at worst nothing more than black circle and squares on social media, by product in promoting their own business agendas on social media helps for a good look. How many are actually promoting Black voices, how many are opening their doors with opportunities past denied and talented people overlooked?

Is it cynical to feel White people sharing performative black circles and squares without any other significant contribution and merely clogging up #BlackLivesMatter information feeds with words gone flat!

And what are schools, colleges and university really doing to progress the agenda of ending institutional racism, they too are putting out statements BUT we want to see this as evident to the reality of lived experience of racial discrimination that Black and Brown students STILL experience every day setting in education and educational establishments.

Oh and why is on topic of education WHY is there still structural absent of Black History in the national curriculum and teaching relating to racism to enable us to dismantle racism. We are taught Religious Education, Sex Education its astounding the subject of Racism that effects so many, our environment, relationships, society, our nation, the entire world and our lives including our unity, morality and humanity, why is not taught early on as our interpersonal relationships are just an important as Religions Education and Sex Education, in fact we believe it vital to have whole subject to learn how we can deconstruct what was constructed many hundreds of years ago to benefit White people that grew White supremacy and power over all others by categorising ‘races’. We want this learn how we can to end together in schools.

Children can handle being taught about race and racism early on and continue learning the create a better world for us all to lives; it's the adults who appear to have the problem knowing how!

Letter to YOUTH

We’ve all seen the events of 2021 that unfolded in May 2020, with the killing of George Floyd by four police officers, and the Black Lives Matter protests that ensued with worldwide attention that still has our attention today..

It has been deeply traumatic and heart breaking to see yet another Black life violently taken away by the hands of the very people who are supposed to protect us be in in the USA or anywhere else Police are a servant of the state and should protect us not kill us.

For many Black and Brown people this is not a surprise as it clearly was for White people to witness the murder of George Floyd, he was just one victim of a very long list of unjust killings by the police, and by White people who deemed someone as a threat to society, simply because of the colour of their skin. #SayTheirNames. Protest also pursed in many cities across the UK, with some wondering and actually questioning why the UK is getting involved, British people are under the impression that police brutality and systemic racism are only concerns and issues in the US. The reality is the UK is far from innocent and there has been many senseless acts of brutality at the hands of the British police force, and racial hate crimes committed by those who hold white supremacist views about Black and Brown people. We cannot and shouldn’t ignore the long history of racism and discrimination in the UK or the rest of the world, and how that has contributed to an unjust system for Black and Brown people in every country if the UK, England, Scotland. Northern Ireland and Wales as it does around the world. The atrocities we saw yesterdays are still happening today, and so it will continue if we take baby steps...We needs to take massive strides to stop racism and take them now - We must stand up to stamping out racism.

YOUTH are thinkers, and yes we are activists and it’s urgent we play our part to drive out the evils of racism to see the change in this country and what the rest of the world desperately needs too.

If it means we march to No.10 Downing Street, if it means we protest outside Parliament, we donate to causes working to end racism, or signing petitions or posting hashtags. BUT the most important thing we can all do during this time is educate ourselves and even educate our parents who may still have old fashion views that were instilled by their parents and parents before...

Racial discrimination, any discrimination of any kind has no place in society. Racism should not be a controversial topic; it is a human right and should be exposed for what it is.

So let’s break it down and break silence. Silence is no longer an option for White people or for Black people to suffer in silence.

We stand with Black Lives Matter and we believe Black Lives Matter Everywhere.





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Social and Civic Justice Organisation working to End racism.

Black Lives Matter Activists and Supporters are the revolutionary, revolutionist and is an architect of change. Black Lives Matter UK are not committed to the same political stance or means as poltical radical activists but absolutely mean business nevertheless. The revolutionary wants to sweep away the bad institutions and social relations of the present.

The black lives matter revolutionary has a vision of the new society which the black lives matter campaign and movement is aiming at creating. The need to reconstruct is not absent from reasonable discussion, the art of breaking silence is to break down the walls of racism.

The revolutionary is intellectually committed to the achievement of a new concrete social order that is better than the present; and this means they are committed to demonstrating the feasibility of the new order that eradicates systemic and systematic racism in our society, exposing, stripping and cleansing the racist mind-set of individuals and societies which perpetuate the immoral belief that certain groups are superior to others.

Black Lives Matter campaign to send out a persistent message loud and clear that it is unacceptable to treat black and Brown people differently, lesser to anyone else.

We stand with our allies to educate, break the silence and to stamp our racism for good.

We Say: